I have always been highly responsive to color and the sensations color can provoke. I am a color explorer and consider explorations into the fluid nature of color to be, in essence, an inquiry into our notions of truth. My work has been described as an artistic oxymoron: both loud and quiet, solid and transparent, hand-made and precise, delicate and aggressive, exuberant and restrained, formal and emotional. It is a reflection of me, an artist of blended culture who is both loud and quiet, urban and rural, delicate and aggressive, masculine and feminine, adventurous and routine.


The work embodies a shadow space in the seam between painting and sculpture, yet is made of fabric. It intersects sculptural forms and minimalist painting in an inceptive framework, while referencing traditional fiber arts . It combines softness and transparency with the hardness of shaped and solid form. The work challenges the viewer to reconsider the artistic products associated with traditional feminine craft while referencing a masculine heritage. It exists in a state of duality that is familiar yet displaced and evokes conversations that examine perception and process.